Q. How do I contact TigerFiling.com?

A. You can call or fax us at (800) 939-8932 or email us at info@tigerfiling.com.

Q. How do I submit documents to TigerFiling?
A. E-mail (info@tigerfiling.com) us your documents to be filed through the EDGAR system and our trained staff will convert them into the special EDGAR format. We can format documents from Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, Excel and RTF to the new EDGAR II standards. We will then return the formatted file for your review and any changes. Once we receive your final approvals, we formally submit the document to the SEC on your behalf. Once the document is received by the SEC an email confirmation is sent directly to you.

Q. What is HTML?
A. HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. This is the language understood by software used to browse the web.

Q. How is HTML different from ASCII?
A. HTML is "format rich," allowing formatting not available in ASCII; for example, it allows bold, italic and underlined type, font selection, type size, etc. ASCII is a mono-spaced font allowing none of the above formatting options. HTML will allow the EDGAR submission to more closely resemble the printed version of the document.

Q. What do we have to do differently from what we currently do?
A. Anticipate more lead time to produce the filing in HTML. If a PDF file is to accompany the official EDGAR filing, allow more lead time for that production and also be prepared to proof not only the HTML file, but the PDF file as well.

Q. Will ASCII filings still be allowed?
A. Yes, for an indeterminate amount of time. In a recent release, SEC officials stated that they "expect to require HTML for most filings as soon as practicable, so we encourage filers to use it and gain experience with this format..."

Q. Can we have graphics in our filings?
A. Yes, after the implementation period which currently extends from June 28, 1999 to Summer 2000.

Q. What are links?
A. Hypertext links allow the user to move through a document by clicking on a highlighted link. For example, by clicking on "Management's Discussion and Analysis" in the table of contents, the MD&A section is automatically displayed. This eliminates the need to scroll through the document page by page until the desired section is displayed.

Q. What can't HTML do?
A. HTML can't set tabs or create tables, as in typesetting systems or word processors; control spacing before and after paragraphs; set indents; force page breaks; or control fonts on the reader's system.

Q. What is PDF?
A. PDF stands for Portable Document Format. Documents in PDF must be viewed using the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Q. Can the EDGAR filing be posted to my Web site?
A. Yes. The EDGAR version is Web-ready; however, due to the limitations imposed by the SEC for the EDGAR system, the document is not formatted as richly as it might be if it were produced without the restrictions of EDGAR/HTML coding.